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07.11.2005 For completing the gel nail training in the use of Light Elegance                      nail products - Looks design küüneestuudio

28.05.2016 Has successfully completed the course "Eyelash and eyebrows                      chemical colouring and modeling - Iluproff koolitused Anadi OÜ                      Groupp

31.11.2016 On läbinud TM Koolituskeskuse Geel Baas - Seminar koolituse -                       TM Koolituskeskus OÜ

15.04.2017 Has completed the "Lilled salongikiirusega" course of Mosaic                          Nail Systems

08.09.2017 Has completed the "Qualification improvement" course of                              Mosaic Nail Systems

16.09.2017 Has completed the "Hard placement course" course of Mosaic                        Nail Systems

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