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                   Johtaja/ kynsiteknikko/ripsien teknikko 

             Eurolash Kauneussalonki Vantaa & Solarium Studiossa

09.05.2017 Graduated from the courses of „Eyelash extensions Step 1“ at

                  Eurolash Kauneussalonki by Käthlin Landsmann

12.05.2017 Küünedisaini koolitus „Geeldisain“

15.10.2017 Koristelukurssi „Black and colors“

16.10.2017 Completed „E-Course of professional anatomy, pathology and

                  hygiene for beauty care provider“

16.10.2017 Completed course of „Course of Gel Nails, including placement and

                 care of gel nails in theory and practice“

28.10.2017 Completed course of „Hair extensions“

11.12.2017 Completed course of „Lash Lift and Lash Lamination“ at Eurolash                     Kauneussalonki by Käthlin Landsmann

16.04.2018 Completed „Course of pedicure and feet care“

05.10.2021 Has successfully completed course of "Henna kulmud"

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